SHENZHEN ASSOCIATION OF ENTERPRISES WITH FOREIGN INVESTMENT (initials as SZAEFI) is a non-government and non-profit business organization set up by the enterprises in Shenzhen with foreign investment and investment by Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and overseas Chinese, consists of enterprises of various ownership forms and with members from industrial, commercial circles. Since its foundation in 1989, SZAEFI persists on fulfilling its orientation of becoming an innovative, and non-government organization with international orientation. It keeps its leadership of reform and development among all business associations in China. SZAFEI is awarded high reputation and honors, such as “Advanced Non-government Association of PRC”, “Advanced Non-government Association of Guangdong Province”, “Advanced Association for Shenzhen International Economy and Trade Affairs” and “Advanced Association in Shenzhen Industrial and Commercial Circles”.
SZAEFI now has more than 3000 enterprise members with investment from dozens of countries and areas, which cover a wide range of industries including manufacturing, IT, transportation, agriculture, biology-pharmacy, trade, finance, real estate, hotel, tourism, and service etc. The total export value of SZAEFI members account for 75% of overall Shenzhen exportation, and more than 50% of the general industrial output of Shenzhen as well.
In the trend of economic globalization, SZAEFI aims to build a platform for quick-response to emergency, effective and practical service and international business communication for its members. Under the guide of its tenet of being “Crack, Efficient, Sincere, and Practical”, SZAEFI commits itself to helping member enterprises seize business opportunities, solve problems and safeguard their legal rights, also to contributing advice and suggestions to the government. SZAEFI regards the enterprise members as its base, and services to them as its mission. It makes great efforts to deliver professional service, build professional human resources, and establish a standard self-governing administrative system and a member service network powered by information technology.
SZAEFI will continue the efforts in innovating its system, mechanism and institutions to build a new association culture, and to turn a new page in its development by strengthening its comprehensive potential and core competence.

Member Liaison Department:
 Enterprise members networking;
 Organize policy briefing, explaining and consulting;
 Promote the cooperation and communication between the members;
 Consult, accept and solve the complaints and problems from the enterprises;
 Bridge the government and enterprises;
 Push the activity of “Approach the Customs and Close to the Enterprises”;
 Hot issues researching and in-time response;
 Build up the relationship with other domestic and overseas associations.
(Tel:83661061 83660159 83660129 83661648 83661176)
Consulting and Research Department:
 Consulting on policies, laws and regulations;
 Consulting on investment affairs;
 Research on hot issues and special topics;
 Make proposals, and submit “Foreign Enterprises Reflection”;
 Grant awards to excellent enterprises and promote their experiences;
 Organize forums and salons;
 Organize, prepare and hold the council meetings of the SZAEFI.
(Tel:83660323 83661167)
Information Department
 Edit and publish the “Policy and Statute Information”, “Economy Trends”, SZAEFI News” and other information materials;
 Publish the “Foreign Investment in Shenzhen” and “SZAEFI Member Directory”;
 Run and manage WWW.ECNIA.COM;
 Build and maintain information network, and provide all kinds of information service;
 Help enterprises design and promote their public image;
 Contact domestic and overseas media, and act as the SZAEFI spokesperson;
 manage the Association’s materials in character, picture and video;
 Make the Association’s promotional manuscript, materials, and CDs.
(Tel: 83660160 83660797 83660034)
Administration Office
 Perform the first examination of export oriented enterprises;
 Nominate the Honored Citizens of Shenzhen, Deputy to the NPC, and members of the national committee of the CPPCC;
 Communicate with the Association’s counselors;
 Administrate and coordinate the departments in SZAEFI.
(Tel: 83661159 83660135)
Training Department
 Organize policy, law and regulation training and lectures;
 Organize training and lectures on business administration and other topics;
 Organize non-degree training programs;
 Undertake the training programs for government;
 Undertake trainings for enterprises in need.
(Tel: 83661516 83661531)

Business Affairs Department:
 Consulting on business affairs for enterprises;
 Develop business cooperation with domestic and overseas commercial institutions and chambers;
 Assist enterprises in promoting their new products;
 Undertake the consignment from enterprises on investment option and location selection;
 Organize domestic and overseas business investigations, and trade missions;
 Undertake investment-attracting activities.
(Tel: 83661076 83661062)
Financial Department
 Handle financial affairs;
 Build a communication platform for financial staff of enterprises.
(Tel: 83660161)
Human Resources Department
 Recommend talent for enterprises, organize HR forums and salons;
 Provide high and middle level human resources hunting service , and HR lease service;
 Provide labor and technician introduction and training service for enterprises.
(Tel: 83660140)
Conference and Exhibition Department
 Organize domestic and international exhibitions and market promotion activities;
 Organize technological communication and exchange fairs, and business and trade conferences.
(Tel: 83661062 83661076)
Legal Affairs Department
 Consult on and undertake legal affairs;
 Reconcile economic disputes;
 Recommend lawyers and consultants.
(Tel: 83661159 83660159)
Longgang Office
 Offer services to enterprises in the region;
 Promote communication between the member enterprises and the government;
 Contact and communicate with the regional enterprises.
(Tel: 28286268 )